21 to 23 . April Friday 1:00 pm to Sunday 3:30 pm

Success From Within

Weekend Retreat for Youth Ages 16-24

Welcome to Peace Retreat

The Peace Retreat is designed for people aged 16-24 who have a desire to successfully navigate today's challenges in order to achieve their goals and attain personal happiness. We will discuss the expectations and pressures involved with defining success and provide a toolbox of mechanisms to unveil the passion & purpose of the individual.

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We maintain a focus on safe and comfortable housing, a drug and alcoholic free environment, caring age-appropriate supervision and healthy meals.

Integration & what's next?

  • You will be empowered to create a personalized action plan that can help lay a foundation for a peaceful life.
  • Reframing a view of success to one that values passion and creation over societal pressures and expectations.
  • Providing ongoing support and community connection through social media & seasonal reunions.

Feeling welcome/present, creating connection, grounding

  • Together we will establish a safe space to develop authentic connections and discover commonalities by breaking down personal and societal barriers and having fun while doing so!
  • Creating space to relax, a space to exhale/take a pause to reflect
  • Offering comprehensive tools to stay embodied & present throughout the weekend
  • Grounding: setting heart-based intentions and clarifying personal needs and desires for time together

Self Love & Healing

Self love/healing, activation, compassion, inspiration, leadership, opening up, communication, personal and community peace and passion

  • Conversations about tuning into the body's messages regarding sleep, health, food, relaxation, time off, exploring your own self expression of self-LOVE.
  • Questioning: How do you love yourself? How do you create peace within yourself and in your life? How do you heal?
  • We will facilitate activities that support discovering your path/purpose. What are you called to? What is your heart telling you? What are you attracted to more than other things? What do you love to do?
  • Activities around dance, movement, yoga, art, meditation, nature, music and being "silly" and being yourself!


John Rettger


Director of Mindfulness and Clinical Researcher in the Stanford Early Life Stress and Pediatric Anxiety Program at Stanford University.

Jay Chodagam

MS, is a meditation trainer since 2001 based in San Francisco.

He regularly conducts meditation retreats in Marin and hosts the weekly San Francisco Meditation Meetup. He is also the producer of the annual Peace in the Park festival in SF and SPIRIT Summit in India.

Sister Elizabeth Padilla

has been a spiritual educator and student of Raja Yoga Meditation for 30 years. Previously she was a working actor in San Francisco in such productions as Beach Blanket Babylon and has trained and performed with American Conservatory Theater.

Taylor Ross

IPMH, CPE, offers safe and compassionate reflective listening, along with tools and the latest research while helping to facilitate more confidence, connection, and health in the parent-child relationship. Her approach is grounded in a deep respect for the human spirit, our capacity for resilience, desires for connection, and the power of authenticity in relationship.

Ford Peck

Therapist, Counselor & iRest Yoga Nidra teacher. iRest offers a beautiful and direct way to connect deeply with our own sense of inner wholeness and well-being. From this simple and grounded connection with our deepest nature, we then can meet, welcome, and lovingly attend to any parts of ourselves where we feel conflict or difficulty.

Ric Victores

Ric Victores, with a degree in event production from SFSU, has worked on an array of events, from large music festivals to community fundraisers and everything in between. He co-founded ImagineX Productions, and is part of the organizing team of SF Pride and Northern Nights Music Festival.

Emily Brumbaugh

Emily Brumbaugh, is a muliti-faceted Hatha Yoga practitioner and Vinyasa instructor, Hula hoop Dance teacher, outdoor enthusiast, fire dancer and seamstress.


Anubhuti Meditation & Retreat Center

820 Bel Marin Keys Blvd
Novato, CA 94949 USA
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The Youth Peace Retreat's contributions are structured to address the economic diversity of our community and help families and individuals provide this opportunity for themselves or their children, regardless of income level.

Recommended contribution for the full retreat is $295, which is cost of hosting a person for 3 days.

If applying for economic hardship, please include a one-page letter describing the nature of your economic hardship, your request for partial or non-payment and, why you would be a good candidate for a scholarship including any proof to support it. Please email it to info@nextgenpeace.org.


Friday, April 21  
12noon Arrivals & Check-in

1pm Lunch

2pm Intro, do's & don't, orientation - Ric & Emily
2:30pm Getting to know your Game - Emily
3:00pm "What is Success?" A group discussion - Jay
3:30pm Do you feel connected? Grounding tools - John

4pm Tea Break

4:30pm Appreciating the Wisdom of Discomfort - Taylor
5:15pm Talent & Comedy - Emily, Ric

6:30pm Dinner

7:30pm Trust activity - Sister Elizabeth
8:00pm Sleep like a Champ - Jay
8:45pm Yoga Nidra - Ford

10pm Lights out

Saturday, April 22  
7:30am Nature Walk - Ric

8:30am Breakfast

9:30am Becoming your True Self through Healing and Overcoming Fear Workshop - Ford

10:30am Tea Break

11am Yoga & Meditation - John, Jay
12:00pm Lunch in silence
1:00-2:30pm Creative expression & Storytelling (Outdoor) - Sr Elizabeth, Ric
2:30pm Meaningful Communication - Taylor Ross

4:00pm Tea Break

4:30pm Dance, Art, Soul motion - Emily & Ric

6pm Dinner

7pm Understanding and Working with Overwhelm - Taylor Ross
8pm Self Respect and Self Nurture - Sr Elizabeth
8:45pm Yoga Nidra - John

10pm Lights out

Sunday, April 23  
7:30am Wake-up exercise - Jay

8:30am Breakfast

9:30am Integrating the Tools for Success + Self Love and Healing - John Rettger

10:25am Tea Break

10:45am River of life Collage Workshop - Jay
12noon Has your idea of Success changed from the beginning of the retreat? - Ric & Emily
12:30pm Closing ceremony - Sister Elizabeth

1pm Lunch

2pm Closing sharing circle and next steps (with parents/support team) - All

3:30pm Departures